Monday, November 19, 2007

Naming Names

I don't know if these names are going to stick, but here's what I'm calling them.
  • Cain - Brown Tabby, Male: Pictured on the bottom right of the previous post, Cain was the first to make it to the top of the naked baby gate. We'll see how long before he can climb up the ropes or force himself between the box and the gate. He's friendly and playful.

  • Lilith - Brown Tabby, Female: Lilith is friendly and playful, too. When I sit down on the kitchen floor, she runs over for some cuddling and hand wrestling. She's also got sharp little teeth and claws, which means the hand wrestling season is going to be very short. Lilith's got slightly darker ears and a narrower face when compared to Cain, which shows that she's pictured on the bottom left of the previous post.

  • Set - Black, Male: He's my little unholy terror. He's as friendly as the tabbys but he's very playful and fun to watch. He's fluffier than the rest - definitely a medium or long haired kitty. phil said he thought the grey ones looked evil. He's lucky he's never found himself hand-to-face with the fluffy, black fury of claws and teeth called Set.

These kittens are enthusiastic eaters. The Furry Five took about a day to eat one can of kitten food between them. These three scarf it down in just a few hours. They also have a healthy appetite for the dry kitten food; they're not afraid to get right in the bowl with it or to eat it off the floor.


phil said...

I just got to mom/dad's in Wyomin. Their kitten is getting pretty big - almost a cat. She used to be all black, but now is taking on a lot of grey color. right now she has a mixed grey and black hairs in a lot of places, but her face, most of her tail, and her paws are all black. I asked my mom if there's some breed that's like that, but she doesn't know. maybe her face and all will change later.

And she's a biter - she likes to bite hands. and none too gentle. My mom was wondering how to break her of it and I said "squirt bottle". She'll let you pet her for a bit, but then she's like "nah, I'd rather just chew on your fingers" once she couldn't reach my hand (because I was keeping out of tooth's reach) so she just bit my arm.

word verf = seftewi

Jackie said...

Wow, that cat is a jerk. I'd try covering my hands with something that tastes really bad to a cat and then petting her.

I've never heard of a cat showing a dramatic change in color as it grew. Let me know if you find out anything about it.

wjgranche said...

what's an html tag do?
this is my third and final attempt
to contact
your katz are cute and i'm impressed with the personalities with which you've tagged them
the problem is you have to surrender them on occassion and that must be hard
i've seen katz eat birds' or mice heads. what could you squirt that they would find distasteful?
phil just pretends to feel kit nips cause he just wants to be a mere mortal. i don't buy into it.
nice work jack