Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good News Everybody!

Over the weekend, all four kittens of my last litter were adopted, and Churchill has been adopted as well!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Toys

This litter was supposed to go back to the shelter last week, but an illness has kept them from putting on weight as fast as we had expected. They will probably go back this Thursday.

Meanwhile, we got some new toys for the kitties. There's four toys that attach to a kitty wand. This morning, I attached a clump of feathers with a bell and dangled it for the kitties. They all swarmed me and followed the toy, until Fukushima caught it. She latched onto the toy, tail poofed up, and started growling and trying to take the toy away from me. I was cooking, so I let her have it. Now she's still hogging the toy, playing by herself and growling at the other kittens whenever they come too close.

Update: now Jasmin is growling over a single feather that came off of the toy. My kittens don't share or play nice.

Update: Jasmin has taken the whole toy away from Fukushima, and J growls at F whenever F comes too close.

Update: Now they've all had their turns at growling over the toy. And my kittens don't play nice.