Monday, November 19, 2007

Naming Names

I don't know if these names are going to stick, but here's what I'm calling them.
  • Cain - Brown Tabby, Male: Pictured on the bottom right of the previous post, Cain was the first to make it to the top of the naked baby gate. We'll see how long before he can climb up the ropes or force himself between the box and the gate. He's friendly and playful.

  • Lilith - Brown Tabby, Female: Lilith is friendly and playful, too. When I sit down on the kitchen floor, she runs over for some cuddling and hand wrestling. She's also got sharp little teeth and claws, which means the hand wrestling season is going to be very short. Lilith's got slightly darker ears and a narrower face when compared to Cain, which shows that she's pictured on the bottom left of the previous post.

  • Set - Black, Male: He's my little unholy terror. He's as friendly as the tabbys but he's very playful and fun to watch. He's fluffier than the rest - definitely a medium or long haired kitty. phil said he thought the grey ones looked evil. He's lucky he's never found himself hand-to-face with the fluffy, black fury of claws and teeth called Set.

These kittens are enthusiastic eaters. The Furry Five took about a day to eat one can of kitten food between them. These three scarf it down in just a few hours. They also have a healthy appetite for the dry kitten food; they're not afraid to get right in the bowl with it or to eat it off the floor.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Little Bundles of Fur

I brought home the new kittens this afternoon. They're just four weeks old - big heads with little blue eyes, and fuzzy, fuzzy bodies (I think they're long haired). They weren't sexed, and after last time... I think I'll just respect their privacy for now. I haven't named them yet, either. I'm trying to get an idea of what they're like first. One thing I've noticed is that they're way more playful than my other kittens were when I first got them. I think the difference is that the Fab Five had URI at the time, and these ones have just gotten over. (I don't have to give them any medicines. Yea!) I'm keeping the kittens in the kitchen (we'll see how long that lasts), but I brought them out to get a few pictures. Enjoy.

Graceful Exits

I had to send Binks, Bootz and Ophelia back to the shelter a little earlier than expected. K (my husband) broke out in red blotches on his chest and side, and we were afraid it was allergy related. As you'll recall, Binks had destroyed his box on the way here from the shelter, so I had to carry him in my arms to the car, and he tried to make a break for it as soon as I stepped outside. Then, Ophelia and Bootz managed to rip their carriers apart within the first five minutes of the drive. They were climbing all over the place, and I had to scramble to keep them off of the dash board and away from K's feet while he was driving. I brought Ophelia into the shelter by hand, but I got boxes for Binks and Bootz.

K has since seen a doctor, and the red blotches turned out to be shingles brought on by stress. We had a few days of cat-free relaxation, and now we're ready to take in three new kittens. I don't know anything about them, but they're probably sick and too little for surgery. K was very fond of Little Miss Mae, so we're hoping one is friendly and outgoing.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Binks et. al.

What a spoiled little boy! Binks only wants about 90% of my time. He follows me around. He wants to be in my lap. When he's not in my lap he's rolling around on his back to have his tummy rubbed. He's on the bathroom sink when I try to wash my hands or brush my teeth. In fact, he curled up in the sink for a nap once or twice, but not since my husband turned the water on on him. And in the 10% of my time that he's not crying for attention, he's sneaking onto the counter, the stove, the table, or in the kitchen sink! "That is not the place for kitties," I say, and squirt him with the spray bottle.

Ophelia is opening up. She doesn't run away every time we approach. She comes around for the occasional petting and lap sitting. She took a nap on my napping husband once, and she has started to chase Binks back when he takes a swipe at her.

They all sound much better than they did when they got here. No longer choking up phlem, there is only the occasional coughing fit. They're also spending less time sleeping. This morning I entertained Binks and Ophelia with a bit of string. It doesn't matter how old a cat is. They all love string... and those little shiny plastic pom-pom things. Ophelia was carrying one around yesterday. So cute!

And where is Bootz in all this? Bootz has developed an affinity for squashing himself underneath the futon couch. He also enjoys sleeping on the back of the couch, on my husband's chair, and in Ophelia's old hiding spot behind the bathroom door on the landing.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Three New Cats

I took in three new fosters yesterday - sick adult cats that were named at the shelter two weeks ago when they were brought in.

  • Binks - Brown Tabby, Male: On the way home from the shelter, Binks single-mouthedly gouged a whole in his carrier and forced his way out. That won my respect. He was surrendered to the shelter by his previous owner due to a rental conflict. Binks is friendly to humans, but so much to other cats. Last night he tried to claim the litter box, food and water as his own, and fairly effectively, I might add. However, I've been spraying him every time I catch him hissing or yowling at the other cats, and they're not paying him much heed anymore.

  • Bootz - Black and White, Male: "Puss in" Bootz hid most of last night and today, though he took my chair when I went out for dinner and didn't mind sharing it when I got back. Bootz was trapped by Animal Control and remains unclaimed. Contact me or the ARL immediately if you lost a cat of his description in the Pittsburgh area.

  • Ophelia - Brown Tabby and White, Female: Ophelia was brought in as a stray. She spent most of her time here hiding on the landing behind the bathroom door, but she'll let me pet her and hold her a bit.

We just gave them their medicine, so I don't think anyone's in the mood for posing. I'll upload some pictures later.

One Last Kitty Pile

Yesterday, I parted company with the furry horde. They were big enough for surgery, and there was room on the ARL adoption floor, so I took them in. Those were the friendliest animals I have ever had the pleasure of living with. In our time together I watched them develop their individual personalities and double in size: Bengal - the feisty little girl with a passion for licking (and biting), Fabio - the tiny little boy who wouldn't eat until we put out the dry food, "Fat" Tony - with his pretty blue-rimmed eyes and his eat-anything lifestyle, Mae West - who's lust for affection and play goes unsurpassed, and Ziggy Stardust - from reserved outsider to insistent snuggler and kitty wrestling king. As it started, so it ends, in a kitty pile.