Saturday, November 17, 2007

Graceful Exits

I had to send Binks, Bootz and Ophelia back to the shelter a little earlier than expected. K (my husband) broke out in red blotches on his chest and side, and we were afraid it was allergy related. As you'll recall, Binks had destroyed his box on the way here from the shelter, so I had to carry him in my arms to the car, and he tried to make a break for it as soon as I stepped outside. Then, Ophelia and Bootz managed to rip their carriers apart within the first five minutes of the drive. They were climbing all over the place, and I had to scramble to keep them off of the dash board and away from K's feet while he was driving. I brought Ophelia into the shelter by hand, but I got boxes for Binks and Bootz.

K has since seen a doctor, and the red blotches turned out to be shingles brought on by stress. We had a few days of cat-free relaxation, and now we're ready to take in three new kittens. I don't know anything about them, but they're probably sick and too little for surgery. K was very fond of Little Miss Mae, so we're hoping one is friendly and outgoing.


phil said...

Shingles? That sucks, man.

John said...

Woah. Shingles due to stress? And I thought my job sucked.