Friday, November 2, 2007

Three New Cats

I took in three new fosters yesterday - sick adult cats that were named at the shelter two weeks ago when they were brought in.

  • Binks - Brown Tabby, Male: On the way home from the shelter, Binks single-mouthedly gouged a whole in his carrier and forced his way out. That won my respect. He was surrendered to the shelter by his previous owner due to a rental conflict. Binks is friendly to humans, but so much to other cats. Last night he tried to claim the litter box, food and water as his own, and fairly effectively, I might add. However, I've been spraying him every time I catch him hissing or yowling at the other cats, and they're not paying him much heed anymore.

  • Bootz - Black and White, Male: "Puss in" Bootz hid most of last night and today, though he took my chair when I went out for dinner and didn't mind sharing it when I got back. Bootz was trapped by Animal Control and remains unclaimed. Contact me or the ARL immediately if you lost a cat of his description in the Pittsburgh area.

  • Ophelia - Brown Tabby and White, Female: Ophelia was brought in as a stray. She spent most of her time here hiding on the landing behind the bathroom door, but she'll let me pet her and hold her a bit.

We just gave them their medicine, so I don't think anyone's in the mood for posing. I'll upload some pictures later.

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phil said...

cats ripping holes through their carriers is awesome