Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meet the Kitties

These are my first batch from the ARL. They came in together, presumably all from the same litter.

  • Bengal - Orange Tabby, Male Female
    Bengal is the friskiest of the litter. She will attack anything that moves, and many things that don't. She is also friendly and affectionate, and she just jumped onto my shoulder to proofread her profile.
  • Fabio - Blond Tabby, Male
    Fabio is a little smaller, more reserved than the rest of the litter. We were worried about him when we first got him because he wasn't eating. It turns out that he's very picky and will only eat dry food. Shy though he is, Fabio still loves to be petted on the back, and sometimes to be held. He also enjoys playing with his litter mates.
  • "Fat" Tony - Orange Tabby, Male
    "Fat" Tony is so called because he is the most enthusiastic eater. His "eat everything and anything" approach to life made him the biggest of the litter at first, though the rest of the litter has caught up to him. He is affectionate and outgoing, and he loves to play with his litter mates.
  • "Grey" Mae West - Grey Tabby, Female
    "Grey" Mae got her name from her movie-star personality. She is very out-going, affectionate and playful. She is the most aggressive in the kitty piles when competing for attention.
  • Ziggy Stardust - Blond Tabby, Female Male
    Ziggy doesn't play guitar, but his majestic beauty is out of this world. Somewhat aloof in his earlier days here, he has overtaken his litter mates in size and is now almost as affection-hungry and playful as Mae.

I promise to upload pictures soon, but I'm waiting for them to get over their URI (the feline version of the common cold) so that nobody has to see them with watery eyes and runny noses.

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phil said...

awesome names. Speaking of David Bowie, have you ever seen The Life Aquatic with Bill Murray? There's a Brazilian (or maybe Portuguese) guy who sings some Bowie songs in Portuguese. It rocks \m/ (metal hands). He's singing the beginning of Major Tom as pirates approach unseen and attack the boat (he's singing while he's on watch, but not doing much watching).