Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kitty Pile Pic, Vocals

Ok, so I was going to take pictures of the furry little monsters today, but my husband was dragging his feet in the morning and we ended up being out most of the day running errands. All I have is the kitty pile picture. Last night, all five of them either jumped up there themselves or meowed at me until I picked them up, so I took a photo of the writhing mass of purrs. The picture is a little blurry because the kittens don't like to pose. Anyway, I'll put up individual pictures soon.

Fabio, Mae and Ziggy prefer to mouth their meows rather than make the noise. Bengal and Tony do it too, but to a lesser extent. What, is it that hard to meow? And here's Mae, who makes more noises through her nose than her mouth. Mae makes little chirping noises all the time - jumping onto or down from a chair, pouncing on her brothers and sister, even in the litter box. It sounds like she's saying, "Hmm!" in a very juvenile, feminine voice. It's very cute. People don't tend to like the grey kittens as much as some of the brighter colored ones, but fortunately, Mae's got the personality to win them over.

I've got to go. The kitties beckon.

By the way, Mae was trying to suck the snaps off my shirt there. Weirdo!

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