Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pics to Appease John

This is Bengal licking my finger. There's nothing on my finger, she just likes to lick it, and if I let him, she'll start chewing on it, too.

You can see here that "Grey" Mae West is not strictly grey tabby
since she has a few patches of beige on her. Just look at those eyes. Hollywood, here she comes.

Here's Ziggy Stardust resting on "Fat" Tony. They were the first two to nap on my lap that night. I grabbed the web cam and got a few close ups. Ziggy thought the camera was interesting, but Tony couldn't care less.

Fabio wasn't available for a solo portrait last night, but you can see him front and center in the fur pile below.
Gotta go. Tony and Ziggy are wrestling on my lap.


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phil said...

sweet. Pictures are cool. You're right about Mae's eyes. Cats' eyes are just about the coolest eyes there are.