Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Kittens

Hey, I got some new kittens on Friday. They were "found in a garage" and brought to the shelter pretty young. They spent their first weeks with another volunteer, but she had to give them up because she was moving last weekend. They need a few more weeks to put on the bulk before they're spayed (all girls). My hubby K got pics of the girls the other day.

Fukushima is very sweet, cuddly, outgoing and playful.
Jasmin Revolution is a bit more reserved, but she still likes to play with her sisters, and she climbs onto my lap to get her cuddles.
Seal Team Six is boisterous and feisty.
Rapture likes to perch on my knee. She's the most independent.


John said...

Nice. I like the names. How do you pick them?

Jackie said...

Current events - just chose the four key words I thought made the best kitten names. I might have to change them for the shelter paperwork. I worry that some otherwise suitable potential parents would shy away from a kitten associated with disasters or politics.

Andie said...

awww I thought that rapture was video game related for a moment u.u'

Flipt said...

you can't change any of those names. they will just have to be adopted by cool people.... I kinda did some cat-sitting for Tom&Kira when they banished their cat Tunafish from their vehicle/home for pissing on the bed.

Flipt said...

Rapture looks evil. Is she evil?

Jackie said...

Rapture isn't evil. I love her little snout!