Monday, June 2, 2008

Getting Better

They're getting better - both pairs. The cats upstairs are sneezing and sniffling less. They're also hiding less. The torti - I'm calling her Margo - is pretty friendly. She comes right up to me to get her lovings when I enter the room. The grey and white kitty, Silvia, wasn't even hiding this morning. She was sitting on the chair in plain view, and she came over to compete with Margo for the petting.

The kittens are also showing progress, especially the smaller one (on the right in the picture). It started out just letting me pet it while it ate. Then it stopped hissing while I pet it and started purring. Now it even pushes into my hand when I scratch behind its ears. The other kitten still hisses and spits if I get too close. I'm going to have use its sibling to lure it to me. I'll be patient. I'll have them for 3 more weeks before they'll be old enough for surgery.

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