Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fuzzy Butts

Cara loves being pet and scratched on the head. She's all purrs whenever I come in. She's still eating and drinking well, though she hasn't used the litter box in over 24 hours, so I'm a little worried there. I didn't smell anything in the closet, so I don't think she snuck in there. In fact, I had to move her food and water dish in order to compensate for the zeal with which she buries her refuse. She was throwing litter all over the place.

While Cara was eating her breakfast, I moved the carrier into the light so I could get a few pictures of her babies. Here they are at one week old. So far, my involvement with the kittens has been little more than making sure that all three are alive each time I feed Cara. I haven't thought much about names yet. I'll probably wait until they've had their two-week check-up so the vet tech can tell me their sexes.


John said...

Cute. How long do you expect to have them?

Jackie said...

I'll have them until they're 2 lbs - probably around 7 more weeks.

Joyeeta said...

What lovely pics! My foster, Eve, looks a lot like Cara Mel, and one of her kittens looks like like your kittens (they other one is a straight grey tabby). They're just about 4-5 weeks now ... I'll have to upload some pictures some time.