Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Grainy Footage

K was nice enough to hold the laptop while I snapped some pictures with the webcam. Unlike my Fab Five photos, these images look on par with the photographic evidence of Bigfoot. Kudos to anyone who spots a flying saucer. The webcam is good for still life, and these kittens are only still when they're sleeping.Here's Pernod Absinth scratching his ear. I promise he doesn't have fleas. I've never seen a cat with quite that coloring, like a charcoal tabby. My dad was quite taken with Pernod Absinth (who's name he supplied).This is Bailey at the heel of K's slipper. What a cutie! When compared to Godiva Caroline, he's got a little more brown on his face and a little less white on his forehead. In Exhibit A, you can clearly see the plaintiff, Ms. Cara Mel, having her tail assaulted by one of the defendants - Lord Bailey and Lady Godiva Caroline. This is the only photographic evidence that we have of the attack, so it will be up to their testimony to determine the guilty party. Unfortunately, all three parties are refusing to talk.I think that's Godiva Caroline under Pernod Absinth.Pernod Absinth and Bailey are in the foreground, Cara and Godiva Caroline against the wall.

In a final note, I did break down and buy a camera from Amazon.com. I expect its arrival by the end of the week.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Mmm... Intoxicating

I wish I had more pictures. I would, but I broke my camera/phone shortly after I took that last batch. Also, I've been working obsessively over the last two weeks to create a presentable tutoring website. (I taught myself enough html and css to make a website that was none too shabby, and then I found out that google pages hates outside formatting. I had to micromanage every single tag to get it to come out the way I wanted, and I still can't change the website's background color.)

Anyway, Cara Mel and her kittens are all healthy. When the kittens opened their eyes two weeks ago, their eyes were solid black. A few days ago I noticed some color in there - their eyes are turning blue, and yesterday I had the vet tech sex the kittens for me when I had them in for their shots.
  • Bailey - brown-grey tabby and white, male: Bailey likes sleeping, nursing, and chewing on his sister.

  • "Lady" Godiva Caroline - brown-grey tabby and white, female: Godiva Caroline likes sleeping, nursing, and chewing on Bailey.

  • Pernod Absinth - charcoal, male(?): Pernod Absinth is either the adventurous one or the mama's boy. He was the first to go out of the sleeping den and walk around on his wobbly legs, and comes over to check me out when Cara Mel is soaking up the luvin'.
Maybe I'll steel Kyle's phone to get some pictures this weekend... or maybe I'll break down and buy a camera.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fuzzy Butts

Cara loves being pet and scratched on the head. She's all purrs whenever I come in. She's still eating and drinking well, though she hasn't used the litter box in over 24 hours, so I'm a little worried there. I didn't smell anything in the closet, so I don't think she snuck in there. In fact, I had to move her food and water dish in order to compensate for the zeal with which she buries her refuse. She was throwing litter all over the place.

While Cara was eating her breakfast, I moved the carrier into the light so I could get a few pictures of her babies. Here they are at one week old. So far, my involvement with the kittens has been little more than making sure that all three are alive each time I feed Cara. I haven't thought much about names yet. I'll probably wait until they've had their two-week check-up so the vet tech can tell me their sexes.